2018, Peoples Choice Award, 'Study of Karl' Greg Allen

Winner of the KernART Prize 2016, 'Nude 1'

by Dianna Wilson.

2019, KernART Prize Winners​ with Judge Ray  Dahlstrom.

Winner of the Junior KernART Prize 2016, 'Disco Box' by Hamish McLeod.

Second Prize Winner, 2016 'Feichen' (Raven) by Sue Coppock.

2018 Winner, KernART Prize 

'Ladies of the Garden' Deborah Yanz

2018 Junior KernART Prize, 'Tsunami Alice' Isobella Gardiner  

Winner of Third Prize 2017,  Ugandan Man

by Courtney Wilkinson

2019, Animalia Award, Lisa Burrell

Di Wilson, Winner of the 2017 KernArt Prize, 'Distain in Red' with prize sponsor Marianne Shearer from Gippsland Primary Health Network.

Third Prize Winner, 2016, 'Django' by Lisa Burrell.

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2018 , KernART.

Winner of Second Prize 2017, Leaving Home,

by Gaston Vanzet

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2018 Amateur Prize, BixHenge, Adam & Hamish McLeod

Winner of the Novice Award 2017, Makybe Diva

by Tony Goldie

2016 , KernART.

Winner of the Peoples Choice Award, 2016 'Jersey Girl' by Margaret Rees

2017 , KernART.

2018, Animalia Award 'Mouse'  Lisa Burrell

Junior KernART  Prize Winner 2017,

Galaxy Burn, by Heidi Weir

2018 Third Prize,  'High Achiever' Bob Hickman,

2019 Third Prize,  'Spirals' , Rachel Morris

2019, KernART Prize,

'Bob Hickman

2019 , KernART.

2019, Amateur Prize & Peoples

Choice Award, 'The Conductor,

Michael McCabe'

2019, Junior KernART, Junkyard Dog, Hamish McLeod.

2019, Packers Prize,

Open to all Mediums.  Open to all People.         

Winner of the Peoples Choice Award 2017 

Blue Wren Boots

by Gaston Vanzet

Reflection, Regrowth, Renewal
An art workshop in charcoal, with a discussion of mental health, Jan 17th 2021

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